A bill proposed not to reopen bingos that were closed

Bill number 883/07, from representative Antonio Carlos Mendes Thame (PSDB-SP), prevents the issuance of licenses in security warrants and precautionary measures to reopen bingos closed by the government.

Mendes Thame affirmed that there is an improper interference of the Judicial Power in the task of the government to rule the activity of these centers. The author remarks that its proposal reproduces, in different circumstances, something that is already in the current Brazilian civil legal system.

“It imitates the performance of the judicial organs in the authorization of the bingo operation, which replaces the legal action of the police granted to the government”, he said.

The representative affirms that the lack of a regulation from the Union, in order to regulate the opening and operation of bingos, creates an industry of judicial licenses to interrupt the suspension of administrative acts which are opposed to the functioning, opening or reopening of gambling venues.

The project also determines that the resources presented against the decisions that authorize the opening, reopening, suspension of seizures or closures or retention of operating licences to have a pending effect. The proposal will be analized by the Commission of Constitution, Justice and Citizenship.