Three of the five phases of Spain’s Gran Scala complex could be sold before its official opening

International Leisure Development (ILD), the group of companies that promotes the casino mega complex and theme parks Gran Scala, aims to sign agreements with operators during the second and third stage of the project, once it starts operating the first one, whose construction is planned to start at the beginning of 2009.

Sources of the company explained that contacts to start the first phase are in advanced stages. This part of the complex, which will include between 12 and 14 casino hotels, almost 20 hotels and two theme parks, will suppose almost half of Gran Scala project. It will include, among other aspects, a great part of the urbanization.

Then, in five (or, at least, seven) year’s time from the opening, the other four stages will be executed. Plans of International Leisure Development plan to divide these four phases in two.

In the first one, they will include theme parks Spyland and Aquántica, which will occupy an area of 68 and 27 hectares respectively. Both, located in the central ring of Gran Scala, are promoted by the same company. In it, Travaux Geotechniques et Miniers and Loftus Multimedia will participate, promoters of leisure and industrial projects; legal venue Censelme, specialized in urbanism, and the firms Ibis and Transmontagne.

Spyland will be dedicated to the espionaje world and Aquántica will offer water as its main theme, and will show the history of the world related to water.

Today, at the official presentation of ILD and Gran Scala, which will be held at Pignatelli building, its promoters will release the details of the third of five theme parks of the mega complex. The signing of the agreements with this company conditions the final design of Gran Scala. If it finally occupies the 400 hectares planned, the park could grow from the 2,025 hectares initially planned to 2,500.

In the celebration, organized by the government of Aragón, which will count with the assistance of more than 400 guests (most of them operators and tourist operators), the location of Gran Scala will be released. It will be located in a council from Ribera Baja or in Los Monegros. The main requirements are that it most not be located no more than 10 km from the highway and AVE and that it most not affect protected spaces. Villafranca de Ebro, Castejón de Monegros, Valfarta and La Almolda, as well as Bujaraloz, are the most chosen names in the pools.

The operation of the project is planned for Autumn 2010.