Foreign companies dominate the investment in new Chilean casinos

After the authorization granted by Casino Superintendence (SCJ) to Canadian bank Clairvest Group in order to enter the society Marina del Sol, a firm which develops a gambling center in the 8th region, foreign investment grew 54.3%.

The US firm which will enter the society Marina del Sol (connected to family Imschenetzky) with a participation of 50%, will bring the new group USD 38 million.

When the Canadian bank entered the society, international firms became the ones with more participation in the recently redefined casino national industry.

Of the total of USD 607.3 million invested in the sector, 54.3%, (USD 329 million) come from resources from abroad. Meanwhile, the 45.7% (USD 277 million) are investments in Chilean societies.

Head of SCJ, Francisco Javier Leiva, said that, during the pre-qualification process of Clairvest Group demanded a total of 16 reports about the situation to Interpol, and 15 tax statements were presented. Besides, eight executives of the firm were interviewed.

Leiva also talked about the demand made by Fischer Group to incorporate the firm Enjoy (linked to Martínez family, managers of Viña del Mar casino) to three of its projects: Temuco, Valdivia and Punta Arenas.

The entrante of Enjoy to Fischer group is still being analized by the entity of control, altough it would be in its last stage. Otros projects of the sector are in the same situation.

For the society San Francisco Investment (connected to French IGGR, which develops a casino in San Francisco de Mostazal, in the 7th Region), the incorporation of AUstrian Novomatic and SUN International (40% each and Rudolf Binder another 10%) the process has not concluded yet.

The authority explained that in both cases there are backgrounds that have already been asked to the companies, which should be sent as soon as posible to the Casino Superintendence, because it is not posible to set a date for the definite statement.