Lottery fever hits Germany over record jackpot

Berlin (Reuters) – Millions of people are crowding into German shops to fill out lottery forms in hopes of winning Wednesday’s record 43 million euro (30.6 million pounds) jackpot.

Lottery officials said on Tuesday that thousands of foreigners from neighbouring countries France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Austria and Switzerland were also streaming across the border to buy tickets.

The previous record was 37.7 million euros, won in 2006.

About 15 million people filled out 25 million tickets for the last draw on Saturday, when the jackpot was up to 38 million euros.

No won one won, raising the total to 43 million for Wednesday. The lottery expects to sell another 100 million worth of tickets for Wednesday’s draw. There have been 12 drawings without a winner since the end of October.

In the face of a sharp rise in demand for tickets, the lottery has set up a special courier service to deliver tickets to the 24,500 shops and kiosks.