Gran Scala complex to open 12 casinos and 20 hotels in October 2010

International Leisure Development (ILD) aims to inaugurate mega-complex Gran Scala in October 2010 with a first phase of developments. According to sources of the project, figures indicate that, on that date, twelve casino hotels and twenty hotels will be operating.

In a second phase, six to twelve months later, a second theme park should be built, called Aquántica and promoted by the same group of fifteen firms called Spyland.

ILD plan considers that the rest of the facilities (up to 32 casinos, 72 hotels, 200 restaurants and five theme parks) will be inaugurated gradually. Each casino will have a museum dedicated to cultural themes and shows.

The inauguration date in October 2010 is included in the contract that connects Spyland with ILD to participate in Grand Scala. Agreements with operators of the five theme parks include a cancellation clause under which companies may break their agreements with ILD if it does not comply with the inauguration deadline. In fact, they added, the failure to compy with the deadline is the only cause considered.

“We need to start the construction in 2008”, they commented. ILD plans to have the whole complex in “five years since the first opening”, altough “the deadline is in ten years starting now. The maximum deadline is in 2017”. In fact, promoters work with an execution deadline of eighteen monts for the buildings of the first phase.

However, Gran Scala is not a closed project. In fact, according to the sources asked, its extension could vary. Initially they talked about 2,025 hectares in a square of 4.5 km eacj, altough the surface could be expanded up to 2,500 hectares if negociations succees, in order to add the fourth of the five theme parks it will have, which will be managed by one of the US giants of the sector and would occupy 400 hectares itself.