ICE celebrates its 16th anniversary

International Casino Exhibition 2008, which opens its doors to the public on January 22-24, 2008 in Earls Court convention center in London, celebrates its sixteenth birthday with a record of products and services for the casino sector.

Clarion Gaming, ICE organizers announced at the beginning of November that the 2008 event will experience a growth of 12,1% regarding 2007, which was also an event which broke several records. The latest numbers obtained reveal that 189 companies (25 more than the previous year) from 35 countries have confirmed their booths for ICE 2008, which will occupy a space of more than 13,735 sqm.

If we add ICEi (64 exhibitors, 19 jurisdictions, 1,879 sqm) increments the total to 253 exhibitors of 43 countries, which will occupy a space of 15,615 sqm.

Karen Cooke, Responsible of Clarion Gaming events, commented: “The impressive growth of International Casino Exhibition underlines the exclusive popularity of London Show among the international casino sector.

The increment of the space assigned in 2008 has allowed exhibitors to increment their presence to host innovative companies and new ideas and welcome different international business from all parts of the world”.

ICE 2008 will welcome 37 new companies from 16 countries. The Ukraine company Odrex will have a 92 sqm stand, which positions the company among the main 50 exhibitors in size.

Sleic S.L., from Spain, will also debut with a 80 sqm booth, followed by G Planet d.d., from Slovenia, with a 78 sqm booth. Other important investments in space come from Poland (Gamesystem s.c.), 72 sqm; Spain (Zitro Games S.L.) 51 sqm, Letonia (DLV Ltd) 50 sqm and Germany (Kontron Embedded Modules GmbH) 43 sqm.

Other companies that will exhibit for the first time include eight British companies (Card Scanning Solutions, CardPOS Europe Ltd, Centre for Advanced Software Technology Ltd, Craft Data Ltd, Gkit Ltd, GPEG International Ltd, J.Preedy & Sons Ltd y Vitco), six from Taiwan (Ally Star Technologies Inc., Boser Technology Co., Ltd, Aewin Technologies Co. Ltd, New Sun Yu Enterprise Co. Ltd, Onetouch Technologies Co. Ltd and Acrosser Technology Co. Ltd) and three from US (Las Vegas Gaming Inc., ID-Interactive and Multiscan Corp). Two new exhibitors from Italy (Cermel Group and Altoona Srl) and Korea (G2B and FSN Display Inc.), and the rest are: Pascual Consult bvba (Belgium), Intervision Marketing Ltd (Ciprus), BHS Böhm e.K. (Germany), Expo 24 Romania (Romania), SIG-Expo (Russia), Hermes SoftLab d.d. (Slovenia), Kiron Interactive (Pty) Ltd (South Africa) and IPS S.L. (Spain).

National providers and manufacturers are the 32.8% of the 189 exhibitors confirmed to participate in ICE, with 62 companies located in UK already registered.

The US is the country with the most international representation (18 exhibitors), followed by Slovenia with 12, Spain with 11, Taiwan (10), Italy (8), Netherlands (7), Austria and Korea ( six each), Canada and Germany (five each), Belgium (4), Bulgary, France, Letonia and Russia (three each).

Argentina, Hong Kong, South Africa and Ukraine will be represented by two exhibitors each, while the rest of the territorios represented include Australia, Belarus, Croatia, Ciprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovaquia, Swede and the Virgen Islands.

Karen Cooke concluded: “Both for exhibitors and visitors it will be the best year to go to ICE; the success of the show as a central event to do business is bigger every time. On the three-day ICE, operators will find all the products they need on the same place”.