A project aims to take Segob its faculties to authorize casinos

In order to control the installation of casinos, a proposal will be presented in the Union Congress to take Segob its faculties to issue gambling licenses.

Federal representative from PRI political party, Juan Francisco Rivera Bedoya and President of the Security Commission, mentioned that, after the facts registered last Friday, when a casino businessmen saved his life from being executed, it is necessary that local authorities are stricter in order not to allow the installation of this kind of business.

“We have always stated that this kind of business should be installed in places where they may not affect the surveillance and the police task, because there are more important thinks to take care of in the cities than this type of business, so Segob should limit the creation and authorization and it should also be taken their power to issue licenses, because they grant permits without considering who is affected by that”, commented PRI legislator.

He said they expect to present this petition as soon as possible, in order to protect the integrity of the community on the proliferation of this type of business, which could have links with organized crime. Besides, the ex mayor of Guadalupe council pointed that federal legislators of PAN party are in favor of this type of modifications.

Last Friday, the execution number 100 was reported, when a driver of a casino businessman, Juan José Rojas Cardona, died in San Pedro council.