Jamaica government would consider the authorization of casinos in the country

Tourism Minister of Jamaica, Edmund Bartlett, aims to promote tourist in the island through the construction and exploitation of already existing resources. One of the industries would be the entertanment industry, with the construction of hotels to receive more tourists as well as bigger cruises.

The minister has already received offers from important investors who with to plan hotel developments in the island. When asked if these buildings would lead to the construction of a new casino, Edmund Bartlett declared that the government does not discard that possibility.

He does not discard the inclusion of a casino in an important condominium (in Harmony Cove) which is currently in construction, which received the approval of the previous administration from a group of US investors. The current government accepted the continuation of the project and expects its opening before 2009.

Ronnie Thwaites, opposed to the central government, commented his concerns to the government in a legislative session in the beginning of October, where he cuestioned the official position on the controversial matter of casino games. The answer for this question is still pending.