A new touristic project with casino to be authorized in Uruguay

The City Council of Maldonado will authorize, before the end of the year,the construction of a mega touristic Project with an investment of USD 430 million in Punta del Este, main Uruguayan seaside resort, at 130 kilometres East of Montevideo.

Jorge Fernández, one of the businessmen connected to the Project, said it is “the most important investment in the country, after the one made by Finís company Botnia” in Fray Bentos.

The project consists in a five-star hotel with 220 rooms, private casino and convention center, a 165,000 sqm real state complex and a marina with capacity for 17 big yatchs and 270 smaller mailing boats.

Nowadays, Punta del Este marina has space for 400 sailing boats, and, according to a study from the firm Bandeluz, in charge of the project, other 400 boats cannot reach the seaside resort for that reason.