PM rules out super-casino in resort

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has admitted Blackpool faces a tough future, but seems to have finally ruled out a super-casino coming to the resort.

Speaking in his monthly press conference, he said: „As far as two large super-casinos are concerned, I’ve said I feel there are better ways of regenerating those areas and that’s what we’re looking at at the moment.

„Hazel Blears, the secretary of state for local government is co-ordinating the work about what we can actually do both to help Manchester and that regeneration area and to help Blackpool, which I accept has specific challenges it has to meet in the near future.“

Tomorrow Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden plans to hold a parliamentary debate on the economic future of the seaside town.
In the wake of the regeneration review announced by Mr Brown in July Mr Marsden will be setting out the essential components of any grand plan to replace casino-led regeneration.

Mr Marsden said: „Blackpool has unique issues which affect the town.

„What I am calling for now is smart funding from Government to provide a sustainable economic motor for our future.

„A smart Government strategy for regenerating the Blackpool could make a huge difference and there are some key parts like the Tramway and housing stock renewal which must be included in the Governments Regeneration Review which is being conducted by Hazel Blears.“