Casino regulation demanded in Mexico

Head of political party Convergencia in the state of Nuevo León, Ernesto Cerda Serna, demanded the approval of the Law of Games and Draws modification, in order to regulate the operation of casinos and gambling venues.

In this context, it demanded the House of Legislators to pass the modifications to the Law of Games and Draws in order to stop the proliferation of these businesses, supported by the current regulation.

He also informed that he demanded the Goverment Secretary, Francisco Ramírez Acuña, not to grant more licenses in order to install betting centres in the entity, specifically in Monterrey.

After the meeting with the coordinator of Convergencia, Alejandro Chanona and the secretary of the executive committee of the House of Legislators, Cuauhtémoc Velasco Oliva, Cerda Serna asked to pass the modification to end with current legal void.

According to the leader of Convergencia, there are 87 casinos operating in Nuevo León with 6,000 slots, many of them illegal, because only seven gambling houses have the authorization to operate.