Spain to give back more than half million euros in taxes to gaming companies

Spain will give back more than a half million euros in taxes to gaming companies, after the Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional in 1996 the complementary fee of the fiscal tax that was in force since 1990.

The government has approved the incorporation of 505,547.53 euros to the Eventuality Funds for this concept. The Constitutional Court understood that the statement was against the legal security principle, which originated the presentation of resources that asked for the return of the payments carried out, the delay interests, the expenses due to the machine destruction and unemployed, considering the responsibility of the state.

This situation generated the corresponding sentences of the Supreme Court, pointing that the State Administration has to pay a compensation of 577,482.72 euros, because it also considers the payment of 71,935.19 euros to Seguros Catalana Occidente.

Last March 20, 2005, a fire occured in the venue of the Terrorial Management of Land Registry in Lleida, which produced damages in the facilities of the entity. The insurance entity paid a special figure to the community “Edificio Simago” and several members as a compensation.