Countdown for Black Jack

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

There is a huge demand for online games. All over the world more than one million user play casino games on their PC. You can see, how popular online games are, if you take a look at the Online-Poker, which is online on ISA-CASINOS since August, 1st . More than 700 players use the option of playing without loading down the game. What a number of people in only twelve days!

The players use our game about 118 minutes on average and have lots of fun competing for points and places. Not only ISA-CASINOS was surprised by that rush, but also the casinos, who already put in their prizes.

Playing under real conditions, following international rules prepares the players for a first visit at a real casino. That’s what makes our online games so interesting for the casinos. We were asked by casinos and other enterprises all over Europe about the game. Casinos would like to use it for their purpose. That gives us the hint, that the commercial interest in online games is enormous.

Casino Austria, our first sponsor, puts “Jacks or better” under the motto: 13th Poker EM 2002, the worlds biggest Seven Card Stud Poker Tournament in Baden / Austria, near Vienna from October 3rd to 5th. On the end of the month, the first on the high score list will win a VIP-Package (all you can eat and drink) for the Poker EM in Baden / Austria. The places two to fifty will get prizes from Casino Austria.

In September, ZAK-tuxedo renting agency will host the game. They will sponsor three tuxedos from ZAK collection and several special prizes for the winners of our free Online-Poker or the new Online Black Jack.

Black Jack will be on by Monday and can be played without download, just like our poker. It will be played after international casino rules, so that the players might use their newly learned knowledge in a real international casino.

Best luck for the players of the ISA-CASINOS online games and we hope you have lots of fun playing Online-Poker and Black Jack.