Poker is booming at Casinos Austria

In the twelve Austrian Casinos, the gross poker revenues on August 10 were 370 % above last year’s revenues: From January 1 to August 10, the company entered gross poker revenues of 2,6 million euros in the books, while the same period last year amounted to 560.000 euros.

On July 5, the Sit&Go Poker Events started in the Casinos. With a buy-in of only 25 euros, the events are mainly targeted at new guests who want to start with Poker. In the first month, the Sit&Go Events attracted about 4.000 participants. As of October 30, the casinos will look for the Austrian Sit&Go Champion, who will take part in the world’s largest and most famous Poker tournament in Las Vegas in 2008.

In the Standard Poker Game in the casinos, participation is possible starting at a 40 euros buy-in. Furthermore, the Austrian Casinos host about 500 tournaments per year. In 2007, more than 4 million euros of prize money were disbursed.

This year’s top tournament, though, is still to come: In early October, about 600 poker players from more than 30 nations will meet in the Casino Baden in order to battle for 3 million euros total prize money in the international one-week poker tournament.