Professional Players Federation launched a new gambling code in UK

Players organisations across a range of sports have welcomed new laws aimed at tackling cheating in sports betting. The Professional Players Federation (PPF) has launched a code to ensure all players are aware of the new Gambling Act coming into force on 1 September.

Cheating” or “helping to cheat” on sports wagers will carry a maximum two-year jail term for sportsmen. Brendon Batson, Chairman of the PPF, said: „Players welcome the new laws to help keep corruption out of sport.“

The PPF code calls for all sports bodies to make sure their rules on betting are up-to-date and include rules against using inside information for gambling. Batson said: „Our new code sets out what is needed to ensure that sport tackles the issue positively in partnership with government, sports governing bodies and the betting industry.“

Gordon Taylor, CEO of the Professional Footballers’ Association, welcomed the call for action on sports betting. He said: „It is essential that sport works together to combat the problems that new gambling opportunities bring. „Players are in the front line and need clear examples of how the new Gambling Act will affect them.“