Gambling boats resume operations

Port Canaveral – The U.S. Coast Guard this morning allowed two gambling ships to resume regularly scheduled cruises.

The Sterling Casino’s Ambassador II left Port Canaveral at 11 a.m. for a five-hour gambling excursion into international waters. The company said the ship would also carry on with its 7 p.m. to midnight gambling cruise.

On Tuesday, the Coast Guard ordered the Ambassador II to leave Port Canaveral because it did not have required documentation. The Coast Guard said a new entity that manages the vessel did not have what is known as a „certificate of financial responsibility“ for the ship.

The certificate guarantees it has money set aside to fix damage caused by an accident or pollution discharge.

Coast Guard inspectors also allowed Sun Cruz Casinos‘ Surfside Princess to resume operations. The boat left this morning on its regularly scheduled morning gambling cruise.
On Tuesday, the Coast Guard shut down the Sun Cruz boat for safety violations.