Las Vegas at a glance

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

Every day more and more visitors of the ISA-CASINOS pages are curious about what is going on in the City of the Thousand Lights – Las Vegas.

Everybody knows these two words – Las Vegas. The city is a dream for the players, the centre of their attraction. Millions of lights flicker in the desert – allures them like moths to the light.

But only few tourists know that there is more to Las Vegas than just casinos. ISA-CASINOS collected the information an put it on its pages. There are more than 500 pages full of all kind of interesting facts. You may find it in chronological order under the picture of Las Vegas.

What’s going on, what kind of events or tournaments take place, where can I find good hotels or restaurants? How many casinos are there in Las Vegas? How is the weather, what are the conditions for flights to Las Vegas? What do you need to get married at Las Vegas and what about the nightlife? Tips for trips to the US, where to eat, to go shopping, live cams, which show Las Vegas around the clock, golf, sports, leisure time and amusements – that’s what you find on the pages of ISA-CASINOS. We give you the latest news on hotels, their quality and their restaurants, we show you where to go shopping and which places you should avoid. You may also find the chronic of Las Vegas, historical sights and statistics from 1970 till now.

Players travelling to Las Vegas may find some useful information about the structures of casinos, the appropriate behaviour at the casino, courses for players and a dictionary of gambling. There is also a category about what you need if you would like to travel to the US.

Of course the latest news and reports about Las Vegas are also placed on the pages. We send our daily newsletter to the US – in an English translation. In return, ISA-CASINOS get fresh information from Las Vegas, which we offer to our readers in Germany. So we are able to provide you with everything you might want to know. Information about 2000 casinos, phone numbers, fax numbers, hotels, all about the games and every address you might need. It does not matter if you like to visit the casinos, or pass by Las Vegas on a trip round the States, if you look for a good and cheap hotel – ISA-CASINOS pages offer you a helping hand. You may plan your trip to Las Vegas effective and well-priced.

Get your personal look at the City of Lights and you will be impressed. And ISA-CASINOS always provides the latest news!