Slow attendance at Gaming Business Round Mexico

The third edition of Gaming Business Round, organized by the firm 3A Producciones, was held in the city of Monterrey, in a framework which was more similar to a traditional exhibition than a business round. Exhibitors were disappointed due to the scarse attendance of both visitors and operators.

The conferences were programmed starting at 10 a.m. with the presence of distinguished international lecturers, such as Kevin Mullally, who presented a global overview of the gaming industry and its responsibility in modern society.

Later, Professor David Hernandez talked about the management of gaming rooms, presenting renowned Mexican jurists such as Alonso Ramirez, Jaime Leon and Colombian Gloria Beatriz Giraldo, who focused their lectures based on legislative experiences, brand registration and investment, business and public relations in the industry.

Conferences were well received and applauded by an audience of more than fifty people who then followed to the inauguration of the commercial exhibition in Cintermex. The exhibition, programmed for 1 p.m,. did not meet the expectations of the exhibitors. It finally had around 30 exhibitors, most of them from Argentina, and the environment was very similar to a small trade event, instead of a business round.

Most exhibitors pointed that they were not able to establish the expected business contacts due to the scarce presence of official agents, closing its doors at approximately 7 p.m. with a closing cocktail. They also commented that the main Mexican operators did not assist to the event, altough some of them affirmed that they were visited by CISE and Televisa executives.

Maybe one of the most important outcomes of the event was the awareness of the reality of the Mexican market, especially with regards to its current unclear and restrictive regulation, which, in most cases, favours the proliferation of illegal operations. Besides, Monterrey offered a much more industrial and irregular profile than expected by most exhibitors, instead of being the “gambling mecca” promoted by organizers.

Managers of 3A Producciones acknowledged that the business round “did not comply with the exhibitors’ expectations approximately forty companies organized in 2,000 sqm in Room A which did not achieve to establish the expected business contacts in this opportunity, due to the scarse presence of operators”.

“Even though we knew the reality of a new market which is in constant evolution, the scarce concessions of the government and a legal framework which is still under construction, we expected to have a better reply from local entrepreneurs. We do not know the reasons why there was not a positive response as to participation; we made a solid advertising through a marketing campaign implemented two months previous to the event. In this lapse of time, we were able to consolidate a significant data base in governmental organisms, local operators and gaming rooms in cities such as Mexico, Monterrey, Veracruz, Guadalajara, Cancun and Aguascalientes.

We recognize the effort made by the brands that trusted us to take their equipment to the border city of Monterrey and we will be presenting a detailed report to each exhibitor about the conclusions left by this first experience in Mexico,” declared Jose Anibal Aguirre.