More Russian regions to impose the gambling ban

Thirty-eight Russian regions have banned all gambling activities, as the new federal law restricting gambling in the country comes into effect. The Primorye region, which is one of the four gambling zones to be left in Russia by July of 2009, has not entirely banned gambling, but has introduced far-reaching restrictions.

The law, which was passed by the State Duma in December 2006, put a requirement for a casino’s minimum area to be 800 sqm. The minimum area of a gambling hall should be no less than 100 sqm, with the number of gambling machines being at least 50.

In addition, to operate a new casino or gambling hall a company is required to possess assets of more USD 22.8 million, with a minimum of USD 3.8 million to operate as a betting office.

The law also enabled the regions’ legislative bodies to put further restrictions on local gambling activities.