„Puerto Rico to have one of the most complete regulations in Latin America“

Within SAGSE Central America, Hector Rivera Davila, Head of the Puerto Rican Gambling Commission, talked in exclusive to Yogonet.com about the situation of the sector in his country and anticipated the intentions they have, together with other Latin American regulators, to exchange ideas and have mutual support.

How is the current situation of the sector in Puerto Rico?

The situation of the games of chance sector in Puerto Rico is quite solid due to the fact that we are introducing a new regulation, in which we’vw been working since 2005, which will be applied in 2007. I should say this regulation is one of the most complete in Latin America.

What’s more, we have the complete control of the slots operation and we kept the 70% of the interest of the slots. We have set an online system to know exactly what each machine does, and we control them from the games of chance office to see that everything is clear.

The fact of having new regulations has resulted in more investments in the hotel and casino sectors. If you want to have a casino in Puerto Rico, you have to build a hotel of at least 200 rooms and make an investment of more than USD 20 million.

What would you add to the Puerto Rican regulation system in order to be perfect?

Systems, like technology, are changing very fast at present. I would say that the system is perfect right now, but I’m sure that in six months or a year, we will have to plan a modification to the regulation, if necessary.

How is the response of operators with regards to the regulation measures?

Operators have accepted these measures with pleasure because, this way, it offers transparency to the public.

What are your conclusions from the Regulators Meeting held within SAGSE Central America?

I think it was very interesting. I also had the experience of being in South America. I was in Peru for five years and a half, and I know exactly the needs of those countries. As I informed them, if they need any type of support, we are willing to help them, together with the Puerto Rican Games of Chance Division.

You have plans for mutual assistance with Peru, Don’t you?

We are already planning an exchange of ideas together with the Peruvian Games of Chance Minister, something which will be performed in the following months.

Source: Yogonet.com