Gauselmann ‘family council’ takes fundamental strategic decision

New leadership structure of the Gauselmann Group / Jürgen Stühmeyer new Board Member

Espelkamp. In its anniversary year – the Gauselmann Group celebrated its fiftieth anniversary some days ago – the entrepreneurial family significantly realigned the leadership structure of the company. This is to contribute to successfully continuing on the way embarked upon many years ago.

For some time now, strategic decisions have been regularly discussed and made by the entrepreneurial family. Next to Paul Gauselmann, who is the chairman, the other members of the ‘family council’ are the co-shareholders Karin Gauselmann, Michael Gauselmann, Armin Gauselmann, and Karsten Gauselmann.

As a consequence of the requirements and opportunities of the fast changing markets the responsibilities for the business segments were partly redefined.

Jürgen Stühmeyer,<br>new Member of the<br>Management Board,<br>Merkur SalesIn the development, production, and sales segment of AWP machines the German and the European business units were combined under the leadership of Paul Gauselmann (Chairman of the Management Board), Jürgen Stühmeyer (Member of the Management Board, Merkur Sales), and Dr. Werner Schroer (Member of the Management Board, Technology). Jürgen Stühmeyer is simultaneously management representative of the so-called Merkur segment.

Rolf Klug (Member of the Management Board, Merkur-Spielothek and Merkur Casino) is responsible for the modern entertainment centers in Germany and Europe. Thomas Niehenke continues to be management representative for operations.

Michael Gauselmann (Chairman of the Management Board) and Gerhard Burda (CEO Atronic Group) are heading the companies of the Atronic Group, a global supplier of casino machines and casino system solutions.

Armin Gauselmann (Member of the Management Board, Human Resources, Real Estate and New Business Segments) is responsible for the strategic new business segments and in particular for sports-betting. Management representative in the sports-betting segment is Dr. Dirk Quermann.

In his function as a Member of the Management Board, Ulrich Wüseke continues to be responsible for Finance, Administation and IT (BEIT).

The entrepreneurial family is convinced that the new leadership structure will decisively contribute to achieving the defined strategic targets even better.

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