Japanese pop idol Noriko Sakai confirms MGEMA Gala Dinner performance at MGS Entertainment Show

Artwork for Noriko Sakai’s latest album, The Best Exhibition.
Artwork for Noriko Sakai’s latest album, The Best Exhibition.
One of Asia’s most celebrated music and TV stars, Noriko Sakai, will be the headline performer at this year’s MGEMA Gala Dinner which takes places during the MGS Entertainment Show 2016 in Macau next week. The Japanese pop star, who has recorded hit singles throughout the region and starred in numerous films and TV shows, has accepted an invitation to perform at one of Macau’s most important international social occasions which will include guests from the Government, international dignitaries, and senior figures from the global gaming and entertainment industry among the audience. More than 750 people from all over the world will attend the trade association dinner which will be held at the Venetian Macao (Sicily Ballroom) on Wednesday 16 November 2016.

One of the most prestigious and important network events in Asian gaming, the annual ball serves as the principal assembly of the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association, the largest trade association in the Chinese region. This year’s headline artist Sakai will be performing songs from her 30-year career which launched in 1987 when she broke into the charts with her hit single, ‘I want to be a boy’.

Sakai began her career at the age of 16 enjoying a string of J-pop hits under the name Nori-P. In the 1990s, she grew into a pop sensation and ten years later her career evolved into new areas throughout Asia when she became known by her full name Noriko Sakai. A run of critically acclaimed concert tours across Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, South Korea and throughout the Asia Pacific region, the Japanese celebrity also received praise for her acting performances in television and film, all while continuing to create best-selling albums.

Announcing Noriko Sakai’s performance at the Gala Dinner, MGEMA chairman Jay Chun, explained: “We are delighted that Japanese pop star, Noriko Sakai, will be marking our annual celebration with a performance at this year’s Gala Dinner. Noriko is one of the leading music and acting talents in our region and has a gift for reaching out to so many different sectors of our community. She adds a special star quality to the MGS Entertainment Show, which is taking place at the same time, and she will ensure the evening will be rich with entertainment and enjoyment.“

He added: „The MGEMA Gala Dinner is not just an important networking event for the global industry. It of course draws in people from every continent around the world, from business people to Government figures – that’s a fundamental part of the event. But it’s also a charitable occasion and one where we want the Macau and international community to enjoy, share and celebrate.“

The Noriko Sakai performance will be sponsored by the MGS official Gold Sponsor, Pixel Companyz Inc.

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