EBPA and ISA-CASINOS Las Vegas Party

Reported by Ralf Grun, EBPA

EBPA and ISA-CASINOS Las Vegas Party for the T-System PCM AG at the Steigenberger Hotel „Drei Mohren“ at Augsburg March 22nd. Las Vegas Party – the latest canvass for your business partner.

After dining at the buffet, every guest will get 2000 Point-Jetton. The Las Vegas Skyline at the background, colourful jetton pile up, cards whiz over the tables, the roulette ball circles and the slot machines ping.

About 45 business partner, some of them even came from France, gambled for Point-Jeton at the American Roulette Table, two Black Jack Tables and one slot machine for three hours. They played against the bank, gambled for prizes offered by the sponsors.

The lucky winner, who had 14.700 points, got a Lexmark printer, second and third prize were tokens. Everybody who had lost its jetons got consolation gifts. A lot of guests gambled for the first time in their lives and got swept away!

For more information please call Mobile Casino Event 0203 – 760 289 or connect us via internet info@e-b-p-a.de