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Duterte storniert 1,5-Milliarden-Dollar-Casino-Projekt

Manila, Philippinen – Präsident Rodrigo Duterte, wird das 1,5-Milliarden-Dollar-Casino-Projekt von Landing International Development Ltd. in Manila kündigen, sagte sein Sprecher wenige Minuten nach dem Börsengang in Hongkong.

English News

Israel’s Ban on Gambling: Will it be Lifted?

Even though Israel follows Britain’s legal framework, there is one exception which has changed in recent years: the legality of gambling. In Britain, legislators agreed that a gambling ban is not only ineffective but is also making the country lose out billions…

Ohio Lawmakers Introduce Two Sports Betting Bills

Taking its cue from its neighbouring states that are making sincere efforts to regulate sports wagering, the state of Ohio too has now taken the big plunge by releasing two sports betting bills within its jurisdiction.

Landing’s Casino Project in the Philippines Cancelled by Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte, the President of Philippines, has cancelled a $1.5 billion casino project by Landing International Development, according to official reports from the President’s spokesman.