2022 Asia Digital Display & Showcase Expo (DDSE)

10. - 12. August 2022 - China Import and Export Fair Complex

China’s Digital Display & Showcase Industry Is Driving on Fast Lane

It’s been reported that in 2020, China’s digital economy has reached the size of 39.2 trillion yuan, accounting for 38.6% of GDP, and the increment of digital economy will value at 32.7 trillion yuan (nominal). As an important component of the digital transformation, the digital display and showcase industry is bracing for high-speed growth and promising prospects.

Preview of DDSE 2022

DDSE 2022 will be sharing a show floor of 50,000 sq.m with AVE 2022 and VR&AR Fair 2022, together playing host to an estimated 450+ exhibitors and tens of thousands of related buyers. What’s more, the show will be supported by a strong advisor lineup comprised of leading enterprises like FengYuZhu, Crystal CG, Lifang Group, Silkroad CG Vision, HTC, Huanyu Technologies, Huawei, Jiaoyang Visual & Creative Technology, Locator, OCT Hake Culture and so forth, jointly building a wonderful grand event for the whole industry to share!

Review of DDSE 2022

On a show floor of 20,000 sq.m, over 250 acclaimed exhibitors such as FengYuZhu, Crystal Culture & Museum Exhibition, Jiaoyang Culture & Tourism, Nightsun, March Rain, Jianye Display, Spark Interaction, Goldon Digital, DAVA, Leadshow, Frontop, GooestTech, Seemile, Zhaolei Electronic, and etc, showcased their latest offerings. Digital tourism was the best represented sector, with 32% exhibitors showcased their unique tourism related solutions.

Exhibition Scope

  • Technologies for Display & Showcase, including interactive multimedia, holographic projections, smart centralized control systems, digital sandboxes, sliding displays, immersive theaters, creative screens, and etc.;
  • Digital Contents & Application Solutions for tourism, entertainment, education, exhibitions and showrooms, real estate, agriculture, smart city, catering/ hospitality, healthcare, retail, architecture design, film/television production, urban planning, manufacturing, and so forth.

Address: China Import and Export Fair Complex, No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Website: http://www.ddsechina.com/index.php?lang=en
Organizer: Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Contact Person: Aileen Chen
E-Mail: grand.fi@grahw.com / Aileen2017@yeah.net
Mobile/Wechat: +86 18520692907
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aileen-c-524746146/

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