World gaming innovators on course for London with 60 countries represented on ICE show floor

The world of gaming is heading for ICE
The world of gaming is heading for ICE
London – The unique international credentials of ICE Totally Gaming have been put into sharp focus with news from the show organisers that a record total of 60 sovereign states and self-governing territories will be represented by exhibitors on the show floor. The figure is three more than the record set at last year’s exhibition and confirms ICE as the most international event in world gaming.

In addition to the UK the list of represented nations and self-governing territories comprise: Malta (31 exhibitors), USA (25), Italy (20), Germany (18), Austria (14), British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Israel, Slovenia, Taiwan (all 10), Isle of Man, Spain (both 9), Netherlands, South Korea (both 7), Czech Republic, Netherlands Antilles (both 6), Cyprus, France, Russia, Sweden (all 5), Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Poland (all 4), Canada, China, Denmark (all 3), Alderney, Australia, Belgium, Belize, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Macedonia, Panama, Romania, Seychelles, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland (all 2), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Croatia, Guernsey, Japan, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Philippines, Serbia, Ukraine, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands (all 1).

Kate Chambers, Portfolio Director responsible for ICE said: „When organisers talk about the international credentials of their events they are usually referring to their visitors. ICE is in the fantastic position of having not just the most international community of visitors in gaming but also the most international show floor. This means that when you attend ICE you will discover the latest product innovations and services from the entire gaming world. It’s a win/win situation with exhibitors having the one key opportunity of the year to connect with such a truly international audience of buyers. Last year attendees from 156 nations made the journey to London and we hope to come somewhere close to that record figure next week.“

For more information on ICE and to register for free, visit www.icetotallygaming.com