ISA-CASINOS celebrates anniversary with its 1.000 newsletter

(rs) Good and objective information is rarely sown in our time. The [key:IC] changes and arranges now already since 1997 the Web landscape approximately around the gaming house and casino scene.

Each enterprise is only as good as the information it has at the disposal. The [key:IC] provides now already since 1998 with its free newsletter service for objective, neutral and well investigated articles in the web desert. The perfect combination of innovation and proof of worth provides for new aspects outside of the used framework. 25 years experience on the casino sector packed into one good page in the revolutionary medium Internet.

But each good platform would be nevertheless lost, if it would not deliberate itself upon the traditional media. With co-operation with Poker Europe and the Poker Digest more potential gaming house customers are achieved and informed by the innovations with our partners. Even for the casino customers are these co-operations of advantage, because they get nevertheless the unparalleled articles of the [key:IC] and still different useful information from further European specialists.

The advertising slogan of the [key:IC] is „Everthing under one roof“. News framed of additional services such as online games, free gain plays, casino guides, rules, chatrooms, forums and activities provides a continous attractiveness with the readers. By bilingual supply is offered new, undreamt- of advertising possibilities for our partners.

The reports, investigated exclusively locally, let probe also the „home-remained“ the attention and fascination of the events. Of course we will not rest on our laurels and also report further in the service of our readers with all large events European and world-wide.