ISA-CASINOS and the monthly Poker magazine Poker Europe are cooperating together

From 1st September [key:IC] and the specialist journal „Poker Europe“, represented in all casinos throughout Europe, will officially join forces.

Poker Europe with it´s publisher Nic Szeremeta (England) is the most well known print medium within the European Poker szene. One can´t miss it in any casino with Poker on offer.

Nic Szeremeta who has a reputation as a qualified Poker expert not only in Europe, but in America as well, has distributed Poker Europe all over Europe for years now.

Also [key:IC] conducted by Reinhold Schmitt, is active in the whole world. R. Schmitt and N. Szeremeta have been meeting more and more frequently at diverse casino events and swapped experiences, which soon opened a way for combined effort.

Meanwhile,reports brought out by Poker Europe about Poker and Black Jack events, can be accessed through the [key:IC] website at events in Las Vegas or elsewhere. Poker Europe would integrate this into their medium.

At the world championchip (World Heads up Poker Tournament) in Vienna, a joint basis of co-operation was eventually found and sealed.

[key:IC], already operating in Europe and world-wide, including regular invitations by many renowned casinos for up-to-date coverages of their latest events, will put all visual and written material at Poker Europe´s disposal for publication.

Poker Digest in America, managed by Richard Geller, has also received photo material of Poker events from [key:IC].
In the world-wide casino landscape Poker Europe and [key:IC] now make an exellent partnership, which will strive to satisfy it´s readers and internet users. [key:IC] would like to thank Poker Europe for their involvement, acting on behalf of all Poker players and partners – the casinos.