Atronic brought all its machines to Russia, Unicum is ready to sell them

Moscow, July 12 – Presentation of all latest Gauselmann Group gaming products took place on July 8th in Moscow club “Apelsin”. The hosts of the event, the well-established slots manufacturer Atronic International and Unicum Group of Companies, the exclusive distributor of Atronic products in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, introduced to Russian operators “Casino of the Future”, equipped with innovative gaming solutions.

For only one night the stylish modern club “Apelsin” located in the centre of Moscow was turned into a fully functional casino. It became a home of various products by Atronic, Atronic Systems, Stella and GeWeTe which reflect Gauselmann Group’s capability to provide casino industry with a complete solution that supports all essential operations of a modern casinо with a gaming hall.

«Atronic is a very important name for all of us. For Atronic members, for Unicum as a partner and for all our clients for whom Atronic was a break-through to the gaming business. It is definitely a dominating product in the Russian market which has been involved in turning gaming business into a big industry in Russia. Atronic is our past and our future,» commented Boris Belotserkovsky, the president of Unicum Group of companies.

68 newest machines developed by Atronic International were presented to the audience. The guests were able to evaluate the latest generation of games for the Cashline and e-motion video slots. Cashline platform was specifically adapted to the Russian market and supplied with “auto play” and “continues play” features, created to improve the “game rhythm”. July 8th became an international premier day for Bear Necessities, Green Jade and Golden City games. Special attention was driven by the event organizers to Deal or No Deal game: It was created after a popular Dutch TV show, which is expected to come out on Russian TV this fall.

System products were represented by software modules based on the well-known platform Crystal Web™ and an online management system for gaming halls and casinos, GALAXIS. These solutions used in a casino or a gaming hall operation tremendously facilitate access to information and its analysis, whether it is a single machine or a casino. They prevent pay-out delays for players and mistakes in finances and reports for operators.

During the whole evening Atronic and Unicum’s guests tested new video poker games, Stella Sun Star slots, casino equipment and multifunctional cash machines. These machines, highly esteemed in the multicurrent Russia, allow not only change bills into coins and tokens but also to automate a variety of casino cash operations.

The “Casino of the Future” presentation was an opportunity for Atronic and the Gauselmann group as a whole to demonstrate the comprehensive product portfolio and dynamic solutions that they collectively can offer. Russia is a very important market for Atronic and Unicum and this event allowed both companies to show the full potential available to Russian customers. It was also an opportunity to thank them in person for their support and interest.

“Atronic is the strongest brand in Russia so far, this would not have been possible without the professionals of the Unicum organization. Atronic holds 40 percent of Russian metropolitan market and it is a great achievement for five years we have been working together. You can see the latest products Atronic developed in a close cooperation with Unicum. These are gaming products for the future specifically designed for the gaming market of the future, what is definitely Russia. We have great hopes in this market, in its people and its economy and of course in the cooperation with the Unicum Group of Companies,” stated Gerhard Burda, the managing director of Atronic International.

About Atronic International

Atronic International, Atronic Americas, Atronic Australia and Atronic Systems are members of the Gauselmann Group which has sold more than 1.9 million machines since inception. The family-owned and operated Gauselmann Group is the second largest manufacturer of gaming devices worldwide. Atronic is headquartered in Germany, and has offices in Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Peru, South Africa, and the United States of America.

About Unicum

Unicum Group of Companies distributes and develops slot machines, equipment and technological solutions for the gaming and entertainment markets. Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, offices in Saint-Petersburg, Riga and Kiev.