This November Source Suppliers for Children’s Games, Rides, Playgrounds and More

Despite impacts from the pandemic, the children’s amusement market continues to show strong growth momentum. Latest research by Emergen Research finds that the global family indoor entertainment market size reached USD 24.35 Billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 52.59 Billion in 2028.

Putting global buyers in touch with China’s first-class children’s amusement equipment manufacturers, **G&A 2022** is the first-choice sourcing platform for global children amusement project investors, developers, operators, stakeholders, and so forth.

If you are interested in visiting in person, and have questions about Guangzhou’s quarantine policy, welcome to enquire us. For those who won’t be able to visit offline, we are also happy to help you make contact with our exhibitors.

2022 Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair
Venue: Zhongshan Convention Center
Website: http://www.zsgaf.com/

### Partial Exhibitors Listed by Sector

#### Amusement Ride

* [E-Sun Amusement](http://www.e–sun.com)
* [CHAYBAY Amusement Equipment](http://gzchaybay.com)
* [Kingtex Amusement Equipment](http://www.zsjintai.com)
* [Xingma Amusement Equipment](http://www.seama-yl.com)
* [Lesgo Amusement Equipment](http://www.lsgam.com)

#### Children’s Go-Kart

* [CAMMUS](http://cammus.com.cn)
* [Jinbei Amusement Technology](http://www.zczdy.com)
* [HVFOX KART](http://www.hv-fox.com)

#### Arcade Games

* [Mecpower Electronics](http://www.mecpower.com.cn)
* [Arccer Amusement](http://www.arccer.com)
* [Jiuyou Animation](http://www.gz9u.com)
* [PLAYMORE](http://www.playmore.com.cn)
* [Pan Asia Amusement](http://www.panasiagame.com)
* [Sun-Wing Electronic](http://www.sun-wing.com.cn)
* [Unique Animation](http://www.buerzone.com)

#### Indoor Playground & Unpowered Amusement Equipment

* [Deilily Amusement Equipment](http://www.dilitoy.com)
* [Ningbo Sidana Rope Net](http://www.nbsidana.com)
* [Suntime Amusement Equipment](http://YL198.cn)
* [Yideli Amusement Equipment](http://www.ydel.com)
* [Aotexiang Amusement Equipment](http://www.aotexiang.com)
* [Yongshi Obstacle Course Equipment](http://yongshituozhan.com)
* [Zhuangshang Amusement Equipment](http://zswjqq.com)
* [Tongyao Healthy Body Equipment](http://www.tongyaoplay.com)
* [Qilong Amusement Equipment](http://en.qilongyoule.com)
* [Fullmoon & Stars](http://www.fullmooncap.com)
* [Shandong Fun Nets](http://www.funnets.cn)
* [Family of Childhood Industrial](http://www.61tn.com)
* [Hog Wood Amusement Equipment](http://www.hogwood.cn)
* [Longxiang Sports Facilities Development](http://www.szlxkt.com)
* [Daqi Amusement Equipment](http://www.gzdaqi.com.cn)
* [Kaifa Amusement Equipment](http://www.kaifaxhl.com)
* [Domerry Amusement Equipment](http://www.playgroundnu.com)
* [Lefunland Amusement Equipment](http://www.lezhiyi.com)

For more information about our show, please don’t hesitate to [contact us](mailto:Sales2@grandeurhk.com).

2023 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA)
Date: May. 10-12, 2023
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex