Clarion puts 200,000 database to work on behalf of IGE exhibitors

The mammoth international marketing and communications campaign deployed by Clarion Gaming to attract buyers to its Earls Court events in January has gone up another level with the organisation’s unique database of gaming buyers and influencers passing the 200,000 mark. Clarion’s database, universally regarded as being the most accurate and comprehensive in the business, covers gaming, gambling and betting professionals based in more than 190 jurisdictions and sovereign states.

Marketing manager Charlotte Skinner believes that the collateral represents a key element within Clarion’s marketing armoury and is a huge asset to exhibitors who benefit from being able to sell to a broad and new customer base. She explained: “A substantial, robust electronic and print database is the crown jewels of any large scale marketing campaign, a fact which we recognise by making a major investment in creating, maintaining, policing and legally protecting ours.

“Companies don’t need exhibitions in order to sell to the guys down the road, but they do need them to reach people that they would otherwise find impossible or at best difficult to even meet. Our database, comprising registrants and attendees to all of Clarion’s many gaming, gambling and betting events held since 2003 allows us to deliver such an audience on behalf of our exhibitors. For many it is a major reason for attending.”

In addition to direct marketing, Clarion’s communications campaign for January 2010 will include adverts in at least 60 business-to-business media channels in 25 countries, creative viral campaigns and a comprehensive media relations initiative comprising news, media partner features, analysis and exhibitor/personality profiles made available to media. The marketing programme will comprise English, Spanish, French, German and Italian language formats.