The gambling law report expected for the following week

The Gaming Sub-Committee with Games and Draws of the House of Representatives refines the legal opinion about the law on the matter, which will not include table games, informed the coordinator of the legislative instance, Armando García Méndez.

The Social Democrat legislator anticipated that the Sub-Committee will do anything possible to have the report ready the following week, to present it to the tribune to be debated.

García Méndez commented that the Government Commission made three remarks on the document: with regards to the fiscal question, on the participation of the three levels of the government, and the main one is the settlement of the Federal Gaming Commission. On this point, he commented that this commission will have the power to issue licenses for the opening of betting centers and draws, so it will remove all the powers that SEGOB currently has.

He added that it is the key issue, because, “when the law is approved, SEGOB will not have the power to say who will the licenses be given to and who will not, if not, it would be an autonomous commission the one that would regulate gaming, as the ones existing in Nevada and Montecarlo”.

The representative underlined that there have been many talks with SEGOB and there will be other talks as well. With regards to comments that said that they wanted to authorize casinos while including cards, roulette and dices, García Méndez pointed that, according to this observation, they took them.

According to the backgrounds of the statement, the new proposal of the Law of Federal Games with Bets and Draws includes the four initiatives, which have been presented in the legislatures LVII, LVIII, LIX and LX of the House of Representatives.

Of the analysis of the four initiatives presented, it remarks that the heads of the project developed a wide and complete regulation on gambling with bets and draws, on top of considering the administrative, fiscal and labor variables.

It also plans fines of up to 30,000 days of minimum wage, temporary closure of the venue for 90 days and even the revocation of the license and the closure of the business of bets and draws.

The project establishes that it corresponds to SEGOB the supervision, surveillance, control and regulation of the games with bets and draws, and the association will perform those powers by the Federal Commission of Games with Bets and Draws.

It points that this commission will be an administrative organ apart from the secretary, with a technical and operative autonomy, as well as government powers, with their own functional competence in the terms of the law and its regulation.

It adds that, among their powers, it can formulate and conduct policies and programs related to the performance, development and operation of games with bets and draws, as well as the supervision, surveillance, control and regulation of activities in the venues related to the gambling business.

It also may grant licenses according to the law, as well as operating licenses to physical persons, concludes the bill.