Illegal online casino users could go to prison in Italy

Italian government has included a series of points in the text of a community law on Internet gaming that aims to harden the existing regulations for casinos and online betting center, as well as for its users, which could end in prison if they enter to illegal sites.

According to the Italian press, one will just be able to enter to such web pages through the site of Monopolios del Estado, and in a first moment, the executive will just allow 200 concessions.

All those who manage business of this kind without permission will face penalties of six months to three years in jail, but also users could be imposed penalties of from 2,000 euros up to three months of arrest.

Besides, it will be mandatory for Internet users who wish to use these services to open a “game account” in the chosen page, in which they will put the money they wish to gamble, winning or losing through it. In case this account is not used for a three-year period, the content of such account will pass to the state.