Mystery over vow to reopen Casino Red

Staff and customers are still in the dark as to whether and when Huddersfield’s multi-million pound casino will reopen.

The Northumberland Street enterprise closed two months ago, quoting financial difficulties, just eight weeks after the GBP 5m Casino Red’s fanfare opening.

The news was a massive blow to the venue’s 100 staff who were informed of the decision at a meeting with management.

They were told that the casino had to suspend trading for 30 days to try and secure extra cash and investment after banks withdrew some of its funding.

Staff were informed that their jobs would be lost if a new investor couldn’t be found, but two months later they are still in the dark as to whether the casino will ever be up and running again.

Kim Knight, whose son William was devastated when he was told that his job as a croupier was on line just weeks after starting work, said that employees still don’t know the future of the casino.

She said: “All the staff were called to a meeting at the casino and told by management that they had somebody who was interested in investing and that as soon as they knew more they would get in touch. That was about a month ago and they haven’t heard anything since.

“They were told that they would get their jobs back if they got the financial backing and hopefully someone will invest because it would be a waste to see something that has had £5m ploughed into it left to rot.

“My son is hoping to get his job back as he relocated especially and it means the world to him, but he’s still in limbo waiting and hasn’t yet been able to find a suitable alternative if this doesn’t work out.”

The multi-million pound casino was opened in late September after an extensive refurbishment programme to restore the Grade II listed building, formerly the Princess Cinema, to its former glory.

It was bought by national casino entertainment company Casino Red and boasts a restaurant, three bars and a stage and 20 gaming tables, including blackjack, roulette and poker.

The casino created jobs for croupiers, bar and restaurant staff and promised to regenerate the area and attract more people into the town.

But just weeks after it opened its doors were closed. Customers were informed that trading of the casino had been temporarily suspended and that they would be informed of a re-opening date as soon as possible.

The casinored.com side of the business, which offers online gambling and is the main sponsor of Huddersfield Town, was not affected.

Sean Jarvis, Huddersfield Town’s director of business development, said he had been in contact with the company’s directors who remain positive about the casino’s future.

He said: “It was an absolute tragedy to hear that the casino had temporarily closed because people have put a lot of investment into it.

“But a lot of work is being done behind the scenes and the impression the directors have given is that they are optimistic about the future.”

He added: “As a club we will continue to support Casino Red through this difficult time. We wish them every success and hope that they come through this and secure the investment they need.”

No-one from Casino Red was available to comment.