Gaming operations staff no need to wear name tags yet

The government said the measure of restricting gaming floor workers to wear a name tag, which was meant to be adopted starting tomorrow, will be postponed until February.

By wearing a name tag with different designs, the front-line gaming operations employees will be easily identified of whether they are locals or non locals, according to the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL).

The measure was originally planned to come into effect tomorrow.

However the DSAL said as some gaming enterprises had made changes to the name tags designs afterwards and it also took time to produce all the name tags required, the SAR government approved the six gaming operators to postpone the implementation of the measure beyond tomorrow.

The DSAL said they would closely follow the progress and after the enterprises submitted the adjusted design proposals and the confirmed implementation date, a formal public announcement would be made regarding the identification methods and name tags designs by different casinos.

The authority also said that the government was confident that such measure could be executed in mid February at the latest.