Gamesman gears up for International Gaming Expo

Mark Smith, Managing Director of Gamesman, the leading UK-based developer and supplier of components for the international gaming industry, has reiterated his support for IGE, describing the company’s stand presence in London as ‘non-negotiable’.

Smith’s support for the gaming industry’s major showpiece event is driven by its ability to deliver an international audience of buyers. He explained: “The success and development of the company can be plotted against our annual attendance at the London show. We operate in a global market and there is absolutely no doubt that we could not have moved at the pace we have without those three pivotal days in January spent meeting, greeting and listening to the market.“

He added: „Rather than present manufacturers with a ‚fait accompli‘, we always explore how we can deliver solutions to their gaming issues. This entails standing shoulder to shoulder with the technical people, understanding their problems and working alongside them. If we make life easier for a customer’s technical team then I know that we have done a good job.

“The show puts us in front of customers and potential customers from all over the world and gives my team the opportunity to listen and then act. That’s why, and in spite of all of the pressures that exist on budget, our stand presence in London is non-negotiable.”