InterGame Expo launches „happy hour“

The InterGame Expo will stay open on Tuesday, January 27 and Wednesday, January 28 after the official closing time of the exhibits at 6:00pm. This will enable several of the exhibitors to run a „happy hour“ with free drinks at bars on their stands.

The idea has come from experience InterGame has had at the German IMA show, last January. InterGame’s David Snook said: „I noticed that many of the stands at IMA had bars, and at the close of the day, many operators remained behind to join the exhibitors in drinks and snacks on those bars. It created a very social atmosphere, kept the visitors inside the hall and enabled exhibitors to spend some relaxed time with their customers.

„We have planned this into the organisation right from the start, and tested our exhibitors‘ reactions. They liked the idea immediately. It will emphasise our determination that the Expo should go back to some of the basic principles of a London show.“