Different Argentine gaming associations to organize the event MAGIA 2008 in Buenos Aires

In a meeting held by the Management Council of Lotteries, Pools and Casinos of the estate in Argentina (ALEA), organized this week in the city of Santa Fe, different associations gave their support to MAGIA 2008, a new exhibition of the gambling sector that will be held this year in Buenos Aires.

According to the organizers of the event, ALEA authorities approved unanimously the joint organization of MAGIA 2008, together with CASBA (Argentine Chamber of Bingos) and CAIJA (Argentine Chamber of the Games of Chance Industry), and assured the participation of all the national lotteries gathered in ALEA, as well as all the bingo halls in the Province of Buenos Aires and providers associated to the Games of Chance Industry Chamber.

The exhibition will be held in Parque Norte, Buenos Aires, on October 15-17.