Online casinos big in Iran despite laws

RummyRoyal, a British online gaming operator, has determined that, by percentage of population, the number of online gamblers in Iran is the highest in Asia.

Despite religious fanatics who demand that personal freedoms be subjugated to their particular perception of how individuals should live their lives, and the existence of laws that attempt to block and forbid online gambling, the citizens of Iran are one of the most avid groups of customers playing at online casinos. Of course, the exact same statement could be made of Americans.

RummyRoyal, has determined that, the amount wagered by Iranians, with a population of 66 million, is more than that bet by the entire country of China, with a population of 1.3 billion. Even though gambling is forbidden by Islam as well as Iranian state laws, players are finding their way to online sites in huge numbers.

Spokesmen for RummyRoyal went so far as to point out that Western strategy on bringing the religious totalitarianism in Iran to an end is well-served by online gambling. „Through the exchange of messages and money, [Iranians] are breaking out of their isolation imposed by the State.“

Sherman Bradley, gaming analyst at Online Casino Advisory, said in response to the Iranian data, „It’s not surprising that people enjoy the same desires and comforts, nor is it surprising that they would reject government interference in their lives every time they are able. What is ironic is that the U.S., for all its assault upon the evil of Iranian government, should behave so similarly toward its own people.“

„Perhaps American politicians need to remember to see the forest for the trees, and recall the very principals upon which their nation was founded. Any aspect of using the same methodology and philosophy as the ayatollahs must be quite embarrassing,“ he concluded.