Casino mogul Steve Wynn unveiled plans for next Las Vegas project

Casino mogul Steve Wynn is laying out his plans for the golf course property at Wynn Las Vegas. Those plans call for a hotel/condominium project. By some estimates, it’s the most expensive property in Las Vegas.

There are 57.4 hectares along the Las Vegas Strip. Wynn Las Vegas and Encore, which is set to open in December, sit on roughly 25.4 hectares of the property. Even though times are tough economically, Wynn is creating a vision for the property. „I don’t really care about short term business cycles. That does not mean that I am insensitive to them, but that is not my primary responsibility. It’s to my guests though my staff,“ Wynn said.

He plans to expand his luxury experience for guests and hire more people starting in mid-2009. That’s when he plans to remove the golf course and start building his new master plan. „I look for the quality of experience that comes from lack of compression as opposed to compression.“

Wynn says he prefers open spaces with a green natural experience for his guests. The complete opposite of the us$ 9 billion CityCenter Project, which Wynn refers to as a monument to dense, urban living. „It contains everything. Seven thousand rooms, shopping centers, condominiums. A huge giant complex. It’s creating Times Square. Nothing like this has ever been done anywhere in the world at one time,“ Wynn said.

As a student of Las Vegas, Wynn is studying what he calls „the MGM-Mirage experiment“. He says the mega-project is not his style. He has different plans for his golf course. „It’s the reservoir in Central Park,“ he laughs, adding, „it’s as far away as you can get. I am not a high density person.“

The next phase will have hotels and condominiums and be surrounded by lakes and trees. Wynn wants a place of luxury, open spaces and warm feelings. „It’s less dense than anything else. It’s a park. It’s the opposite from Times Square. And with 31.9 undeveloped hectares on the Las Vegas Strip, Wynn hopes to once again redefine Las Vegas.