VMF 2021: Vending Machine Will Change Our Food Shopping Habits!

After years of development, vending machines are no longer limited to selling beverages and snacks, but more diversified into people’s lives, providing easier access to more quality food.

Now these novel vending machines that are going to reshape people’s eating and food buying habits can be found at VMF 2021! let’s take look at these exhibitors and their eye-opening inventions.

Based on robotics and IoT technology, Megarobo has combined their robot with top-quality coffee machine, ice cream and other devices into a totally new solution. Precise temperature and pressure control, timed UV sterilization, and 7℃ milk preservation are helping to provide you a healthier cleaner and safer coffee.

Their latest application of robots brings coffee one step closer to everybody. You can now order anywhere, anytime, and pick up your coffee at the exact time you picked without a single second wasted waiting in lines.

Cooperated with the „Vegetable Basket“ project in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Cantonese Popular Group has launched a new smart retail model with unmanned vegetable vending terminals.

From selection, purchase to payment, the entire process will be completed within 10 seconds. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it. Currently, it has cooperated with 86 cities to facilitate people to buy fresh vegetables without going to the market.

Emerging in the epidemic, AUV has developed the smart food locker for one-stop smart take-away solution without touch, which is equipped with heating and UV disinfection functions.

Joining hands with hundreds of enterprises, includes KFC and McDonald, to solve the difficulties of delivery during peak hours, while also making customers eat warm food. Especially suitable for office workers, students, stations, airports, etc.

For those who can’t meet our exhibitors at VMF 2021 in person, the organizer also provide options like *Overseas Buyer Online Matchmaking Program*, and *Virtual Trade Shows!* If you don’t want to miss out your business opportunities in China, welcome to join *VMF 2021 this May* or the *2021 Italy Vending Expo (Virtual) this April 7th-13th!*

*2021 Guangzhou Int’l Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair (VMF)*
*Date:* May 10th-11th (9:00-17:00); May 12th (9:00-13:00)
*Venue:* China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou
*Website:* „www.chinavmf.com“:http://www.chinavmf.com

*2021 Italy Vending Expo (Virtual)*
*Date:* April 7th (00:00)-13th (24:00), 2021, Beijing Time
*Website:* „https://www.yunhzh.com/cloudexhibition/OLE20201119_16826220“:https://www.yunhzh.com/cloudexhibition/OLE20201119_16826220