Punta Arenas Casino would start operating in 2009

The head of Punta Arenas Casino project, John Mattson, announced that a list of job vacancies has been opened and, in the following months, it will open a croupiers’ academy.

Besides, it has started the decoration of different spaces and they also consider dedicating a special place for the main regional sportsmen.

Punta Arenas Casino, as well as all the buildings nearby, will be totally made of glass, which will have a view of the Straits of Magellan from any point at the level of the constructions as well as the city and the snowed mountains.

According to Mattson, the integral complex will start operating in the first quarter of 2009, previous verification of the supervisors of the Casino Superintendence. Pacífico Sur Group (belonging to Claudio and Humberto Fischer) was granted the casino operating license and committed a minimum investment of USD 38.5 million.

The group currently has in mind the construction of three casinos in the country and is applying to the other two. Executives are in a process to define the name with which they will operate this new line of casinos and hotels.

“It will be a corporate name”, explained Mattson, when being asked by the initial project that considered to have an exclusive design for Magallanes, attending the particular features of the region.

Nowadays, a 40% of the construction is concluded and they are considering how the structure will be raised. They are focused in building the 11th floor tower. They are going to start building the sixth floor and each one is 670 sqm.

The five-star hotel will be located in this tower, the first one in this category in Punta Arenas. In the top floor there will be a coffee-restaurant, which will offer a panoramic view of the city and the Straits of Magellan, with glass panels that will allow a view of the surroundings of almost 300 grades.

Mattson also remarked that, at the same time, it is working on the design of the distribution, functionality and adaptation of the inner spaces of the integral complex. That’s why they hired the well-known designer Enrique Concha, of the agency Arbol de Color, expert in marketing and design.

He will also aim to integrate the history and the culture of Magallanes to the different spaces. That’s how in the casino area, they plan to install a real museum for the main regional sportsmen, because the gymnasium of the Sports Federation used to be built there. More than 400 people will work in the whole integral complex and Mattson informed that a process to receive job offers.

However, a croupier academy is being organized, because the team that will work in the gambling venues requires a high training and there are not many trained people in the market, unlike other roles or professions required for the hostelling services, restaurant, security, spa, etc.