Opportunity to Source From 700+ Exhibitors Under One Roof!

Have you ever dreamed of finishing one year’s sourcing on one trip?China VMF 2020 will make your dream come true!

To generate higher added value for our buyers, the organizer ofChina VMF 2020 is going to encompass Vending Machines & Self-Service, Smart Retail, Commercial Payment System & Device,Perishable Logistics & Cold Chain, Smart Retail Display & Equipment in one show, putting together 5 Themed Pavilions, where you will be able to source from 700+ Premium Exhibitors on a 80,000 Sq.m Show Floor, together with 80,000+ Trade Visitors from 40+ Countries and Regions!

Can’t wait to join us this Aug.? Why not have a preview of our exhibitors first!

h4. Vending Machines & Self-Service Pavillon

* *Vending Machine:* AUCMA, KIMMA, Yopoint, Pukui, Junsheng, TCN, Zoomgu, Rule, Huahaida, Zhuo Yi, Zebra, Chuanghejia, Bestzone, Deshang, Zenshine, Chaoyi, etc.

* *Self-Service Kiosks:* Yunrun, Provending, Weiguan, JCHNIOCE, TRICOWIN, Feideng, Zhangzhong Intelligent, Kungfu Bean, Ermei, etc.

* *Coffee Machines:* Hontech, Lerke, Hawk, Micron, Yile, Jetinno, etc.

* *Ice Cream Machines:* Spelor, Guangshen, Six-More, Chipu, Ji-ice, Xuenong, Hotice, Fun Vending, Zhongya, etc.

* *Locks & Security Solutions:* Shin Shyu, Make, KAISIJIN, Lida, SARY, Tengxhao, Qiangsan Electromechanical, Star-Spring, etc.

* *Smart Locker:* Xingxing Refrigeration, Kenai, Frosmart, Qizhi, Pinghan, Sunkin, Maishuo, Lexiang, Yigou, Beu, Besfresh, etc.

* *Accessories:* Shengshuo, Zhenggang, Changben, Guanshang, Shunyi, Hongyou, Sinshine, Cheng Yue, Xinjiaxiang, Wanmei, etc.

* *Beverages:* Laqtia, Regilait, Remedy Drinks, Yeliya, etc.

h4. Smart Retail Pavillon

DiMei, GLOBEFISH, LCT, TarminAi, Suoyi, Joydata, olbit, Fortune, Cloudtop, Yongxin, Generd Toch, Jofee, Ganwei, Zhishoubao, Mengzhipai, Baosin, etc.

h4. Commercial Payment Solutions Pavillon

CPI, ICT, NAYAX, PTI, Cashino, FUN UNION, Omron, Taiyun, Diso, VPOS, Yanhao, Zhibaiwei, Liken, Sanstar, Rictos, Topband, Xshopowner, Shangrui, etc.

h4. Perishable Logistics & Cold Chain Pavillon

GREE, ShenLeng Xiansheng Supply Chain Management, Pinshang, Kelangte, YHD, Xiangtian, Youdu Lighting, Timtitus, Asia Retail, MEIZHENG GROUP, etc.

h4. Smart Retail Display & Showcase Pavillon

Guest Ranter, King Display, QIANYI, Xile Packaging, HENGYULONG, MEIJINGYI, Gang Xin Mei Shelf, Runda, QUIN, Sanyue, Woke, etc.

h4. Crane Machines Pavillon

Ace Amusement, BOYUN, HUAIYU, Unique, ATAO, NITTO FUN, SEA, Wahlap, UNIS, Golden Dragon, TongLi, HuangYue, Z & Q Amusement, MINDI, etc.

By the way, Guangdong has downgraded its public health emergency response from level 2 to level 3, effective on May 9th, meaning that large-scale exhibitions and conferences in Guangdong are allowed to be staged again, which is certainly going to pave the way for the successful staging of China VMF 2020!

To enjoy the best one-stop sourcing experience, China VMF is the place to be! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

*Guangzhou Int’l Vending Machines and Self-service Facilities Fair (China VMF 2020)*
*Date:* August 3rd-5th, 2020
*Venue:* China Import and Export Fair Complex
*Website:* „http://www.chinavmf.com/index.php?lang=en“:http://www.chinavmf.com/index.php?lang=en
*Address:* No.380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, China