TableMAX & eBet Sign Partnership Agreement Enabling WAPs On TableMAX Games

Las Vegas – TableMAX Holdings LLC, one of the world’s leading developers of electronic table games, and eBet, developer and marketer of software and systems designed to facilitate the management of slot machine networks, have signed a partnership agreement. Under terms of the deal, eBet will monitor and operate wide area progressives on all TableMAX game content, including Progressive BlackjackT, Caribbean StudR poker, Caribbean DrawR poker, Texas Hold‘ Em Bonus Poker and Bonus Blackjack.

TableMAX CEO Stephen Crystal said, „This is very noteworthy news for TableMAX. We have a unique product that is already in high demand across the continent. Now we have a partnership that will expand our exciting progressive beyond a standalone game situation to a full wide area progressive. This is a major step forward in our business plan.“

eBet CEO and Managing Director Tony Toohey said, „This partnership utilizes the skills and experience of both companies to our mutual benefit. I am confident that this will culminate in substantial business for TableMAX and eBet across the United States. We are very excited about working together to realize the full potential of this innovative product.“

TableMAX product offerings are unique in the electronic table game marketplace because of the company’s exclusive rights to operate and manage wide area progressives on the game type.

Now eBet brings the expertise and technology to successfully implement and operate the TableMAX WAP on the Casino Link system

Currently, a TableMAX game’s progressive is tied to one five-station game. Now, the progressive could be casino-wide, multi-property, multi-city within a state and even multi-state, adding incredible layers of player fun and potential win.

The partnership is a three-year agreement encompasses North America. The new eBet-driven WAP is expected to go live in April 2008 in Oklahoma.