Gambling Zone on Russkiy Island Will Become “Anchor” for Investors

The Primorye Governor said he does not gamble in casinos, but supports the gambling zone

Vladivostok – At a press-conference Primorye Governor claimed that the gambling zone that is planned to be created on Russkiy Island will become an „anchor“ for investors.

Mr. Darkin said to the journalists that he is not keen on gambling, but supports the project of the gambling zone in Primorye. In the whole world gambling zones transform into entertainment zones. Now the project of the gambling zone on Russkiy Island is under review in Moscow. According to the Governor, the [other] project in Muravyinaya Bay „does not meet the necessary requirements.“

„As world practice shows, the modern gambling business is not only casinos and roulettes. It is highly developed infrastructure of entertainment, including family entertainments. These are very diverse leisure services: theatres, galleries, restaurant businesses, water fun parks, playgrounds, circuses. The gambling zone in Primorye will become an ‘anchor‘ that will allow Primorye to attract investment into this business,“ the Governor said.

„Primorye has beautiful nature, but the infrastructure of leisure is not developed – the holiday hotels are old.

„Otherwise we won’t be able to develop these lands,“ he said.