Monte Carlo Fire Welders Could Face Fine

Investigators are finalizing the official report on the Monte Carlo fire, but named Union Erectors as having started the fire. On Friday, the company released a statement.

Fire investigators say an employee of Union Erectors was cutting a piece of steel on top of the Monte Carlo without the proper permit or equipment. The Clark County Fire Chief says he should have had a matt to catch flying molten steel from his hand torch.

„At this time we believe the contractor that was using the cutting torch on the roof was responsible for the fire,“ said C.W. Page, Clark County Fire Marshall.

Now Union Erectors responded to that charge. Right after the fire one week ago Friday, a Channel 8 Eyewitness News photographer caught investigators talking to Union Erectors workers.

Investigators say not only did the workers not have the proper permit to be welding. They also did not have a fire watch. That is someone to make sure the flying molten steel does not catch the building on fire.

Initailly Friday, the company did not want to comment. When workers saw our cameras, they closed up the shop.

But Union Erectors‘ owner released a statement disputing the investigation. The statement says, „We follow mandated safety procedures on every job we perform and this includes the Monte Carlo.“

An MGM-Mirage spokesman says the Monte Carlo should have had gotten the proper welding permit from Union Erectors. They are reviewing policies that allowed the work to start anyway.

He adds the surrounding MGM casinos have seen a boom in business.

„The business went next door to a sister hotel. That room night revenue, the food, and the beverage revenue. The gaming revenue did not go away,“ said Gordon Absher, MGM-Mirage spokesman.

That’s because thousands of guests that would stay there have been rebooked in other MGM properties.