Betting licenses analized in Mexico

General Direction of Games and Draws of the Department of Interior (Segob) is under the investigation of the Superior Auditing Company of the Federation (ASF) and the Secretary of the Public Function (SFP).

ASF revises 7/2007 and 8/2007 “with regards to the authorization and granting of modification of licenses to big licensees”, as well as the process of “authorization and issuance of draw licenses”, whose results will be ready this month. SEGOB presented, at the beginning of December, a constitutional controversy against ASF decision; however, the entity in charge of Francisco Ramírez Acuña did not manage to stop the auditing procedure.

Segob made a presentation before the National Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) because, in its opinion, ASF “exceeded” its auditing faculties.

Revisions are not about funds, because the National Direction of Games and Draws does not administrate resources, but these are auditing related to the performance, in particular, with the application of the Federal Law of Games and Draws.

ASF, headed by Arturo González de Aragón, has concentrated on a series of licenses granted by SEGOB; which has sustained that it has not granted new authorizations for casinos as well as bingos or betting centers, from 2005.

Newspaper Universal reveal that Mexican Administrator of Horse Racetracks (AMH), SA de CV demanded on April 8, 2005, a demand to extend its permission to open 65 betting centres, which was accepted in May 2007 by National Direction of Games and Draws.

Such company is part of CIE (Corporación Interamericana de Entretenimiento), one of the largest holdings in Latin America with venue in Madrid, Spain.

AMH is in charge of the operation of Hipódromo de las Américas in Mexico City, together with Centro Banamex, La Granja Las Américas, Sports Books, Yaks and Royal Derby. This way, even when SEGOB has not granted new licenses, AMH has been accepted an extention.

Besides, at least 23 big licensees may open up to 194 new remote betting houses and 191 gambling venues whenever they choose, with expanded licenses authorized by SEGOB before 2005, because each authorization granted allows them to open several venues.

ASF also revises the procedures for the authorization in 2006 of more than 400 draws. According to official reports, the Inner Control Organ of Segob, which depends on SFP, nowadays develops audits 25/2007 and 23/2007.

The Public Function –headed by Salvador Vega Casillas– concluded the audits 08/2006 and 1/2007, on which it issued 12 remarks, but it has not found any irregularity.

One of the recommendations of SFP will make SEGOB to start the Computing System of Games and Draws.