The construction of new casino hotels is being evaluated in Chaco, Argentina

The vice-governor of Chaco, together with other provincial authorities and a businessmen, evaluated the chance to build several casino hotels in strategic points of the province, with the aim to combat clandestine gambling and generate new jobs.

Last Monday, there was a meeting with the Juan Carlos Bacileff Ivanoff, the Deputy Minister of Legal and Technical Issues, Pedro Augusto MirĂ³; Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ignacio Saife; president of Recrear, Chaco Jorge Glibota; a businessman from Chaco, Rodolfo Galizzi and political consultant, Andy Rivas.

Galizzi was interested in collaborating with the government in this important business, together with the Deputy Ministership of Tourism, in order to build the hotels, which would generate jobs for thousands of people in the province, and the collection obtained would be allocated to assist people in need.

This plan is part of a program to assist the social insertion of youngsters in the province, coordinated by Rivas, analyst in political strategies, specialized in leadership of the new generations.

Rivas is a councellor of the government to analyze the necessary changes for the social inclusion of youngsters in the province.