„The installation of a casino is a decision that belongs to the whole society“

Secretary of Tourism of Guanajuato, Sergio Rodríguez Herrera, considered that the decision to install a casino to operate in a permanent way in the city of León, will be a decision of the whole society and not just a sector, because „casinos are not a bad thing”, although they should operate under certain rules and should be regulated by the authorities.

In a press conference offered in León, in which it was released the cash audit of the state related to tourism, he commented that „all the options related to touristic development have to be approved by the local society“, because, unless it happens, it could become not an attraction but a problem both for investors and tourists.

He added that, in a city like León, which has become a touristic center for business, a decision on the matter has to be taken, but it should be only through the creation of a touristic culture with the aim to develop a casino which operates under the rules.

But, if this will happen, the whole society will have to be convinced of the installation (or not) of a casino, although he affirmed that Guanajuato has more to offer than just betting.