SAGSE Buenos Aires shone on its second day

The second day at SAGSE Buenos Aires offered an important level of public, even more than on the first day of the event, and tonight it will conclude a very positive 15th edition. Yesterday night, its organizers also held SAGSE Awards 2007 within the traditional Gambling Gala.

One of the highlights of this 15th edition was the remarkable presence of international companies in SAGSE; boosted by the growth of the event it its latest editions. Local companies also assisted to an event which attracted the attention of many South American operators.

Most of exhibitors, both local and international, made an important investment in production and infraestructure, in the most stunning edition of the traditional Argentinian event.

Besides, and behond the wide international presence, the local industry reaffirmed one more its support to SAGSE on an almost corporative way, because, on top of the institutional presence of the Argentine Chamber of the Games of Chance Industry
(CAIJA), with its own space, almost the 100% of the gambling providers assisted to the event, offering a wide range of products and services.

At night, the organizers of the event held the traditional Big Gambling Gala, a party in which 600 guests enjoyed a pleasant evening.

The Gala started at 10 pm, and after a reception, guests enjoyed a dinner. After the speech of the organizers, SAGSE prizes were handed in, and companies awarded were: local firms BCM, Permaquim, Goody Group and Selton. International companies awarded were: Bally, Atronic, Heal Technology, ELO Touch and Betstone. Besides, three communication companies received SAGSE award: Game Time International, Games Magazine and Yogonet.com. The Big Award SAGSE 2007 was received this year by Argentinian firm Dayco Gaming.